Listen! MF semi 4

Christer Björkman you are killing me! This week there are 3 songs I need to see in Globen. Period. Saturday night will be painful when not more than one of them will get a direct ticket to Globen. Grr!

Agnes - "Love love love"
The song is close to Agnes recent hit "On and on". That is a good thing. Hoping the whole song is as good as the snippet because this is the one I liked the best on the very first run-through. On the other hand reports are stating that Agnes has voice problems and might not cut it live. Maybe the fantastic golden catsuit will help!

Star pilots - "Higher"
The first thing that comes to mind is an altered version of the old Baywatch theme. Rather nice retro-feel to it I must say and I kind of dig it. Could aspire on a 5th place in this strong line up.

Susanne Alfvengren - "Du är älskad där du går"
Likeable ballad with good familiar voice but not up to standard with the second ballad in this weeks' heat. So unfortunately it will be left outside the top 5. The beginning of the clip SVT has granted us with had me humming along to another song. Took me a good while to realise which one it was. Now I know - it's the chorus of "Lullaby" by Brandur from MF08.

Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng - "Killing me tenderly"
I have been waiting for this entry ever since the singers were announced. Norway was my favourite last year. I can't judge so soon if "Killing me tenderly" is as good but without doubt a favourite from MF09. 60s sound baked with modern pop and a stroke of schlager. Very close to what I listen to outside the ESC-bubble.

Thorleifs - "Sweet kissin' in the moonlight"
Lasse Holm. ABBA-piano. "Dag efter dag". This is nothing less than a total 80s schlager revival. Quite catchy even though I normally loathe dansband. Fair enough if the Swedes send Thorleifs to Andra Chansen but please not directly to Globen. There are so many better contestants.

Sarah Dawn Finer - "Moving on"
On first hearing I thought: very good ballad but better than "I remember love"? Then I played it again. And again. And again. Now I can't stop. It gives me serious goosebumps. SDF is always better live too. Just thinking about her live show tomorrow makes me all tingly inside. A ballad worthy Celine Dion and her likes that would be a world wide hit immediately. Moscow! Moscow!

Next 3 - "Esta noche"
The chorus and the Spanish part is good but rap in Swedish always fails. A lot better than say Mikael Rickfors' attempt in MF last week but still this entry is destined for last place tomorrow. Someone needs to come last too you know.

Malena Erman - "La voix"
Malena seems to be a fun woman and the stage show is said to be really tight. But opera in MF hasn't worked for me in the past and I feel something missing this time around too. I suspect others will love it and vote it into the top 5 but La voix leaves me cold. Sadly, as I had heard great things about it and had rather high expectations.

In the perfect world of Posh: I hate to pick only two of my three favourites but it's a tough world and it must be done. So Sarah and Sahlene/Haukaas to Globen. Agnes and Star pilots to Andra Chansen. Susanne 5th. Then Thorleifs, Malena and Next 3 in that order.

The Swedes will vote:
Andra Chansen
5. Malena
6. Star pilots
7. Susanne
8. Next 3

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eurofivestar said...

I love Star Pilots too :-O