Ode to Eirikur and Vincent

Earlier today I listened to "Valentine Lost" and was yet again puzzled over how powerful the song is together with Eirikur's voice. I'm still upset Iceland never reached the final in 2007. I did get to meet Eirikur though and you couldn't ask for a nicer man. Ever since I saw him sing for Norway in 1991 (Just4Fun - Mrs. Thompson) I have associated him with Vincent from the late 80s tv-series "Beauty and the Beast" for rather obvious reasons. My friend Linda and I were kind of obsessed with the show despite our young age. I haven't seen it since then until tonight. Turns out TV4 Guld here in Sweden is broadcasting re-runs of the series and I was lucky enough to catch an episode today. Ah, don't you just love the 80s! Or what do you say Eirikur? 1986 was a hip year, wasn't it? Big hairstyles and groovy outfits. Like a little certain Icelandic pop band had in Eurovision that same year. Yes? Icy - Gledibankinn.

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