Eesti laul 2009 without sweaty old men

On Saturday it's time for Estonia to pick their entry in Eurolaul (or Eesti laul). This national final is very close to my heart since I have visited Eurolaul several times and I have good friends in Estonia who have been working with the event in different ways. Last year I was really pissed off when the people voted for the awful "Leto svet" which still turns my stomach. This year they can't go that much wrong. My favourites are Laura and Rolf Junior but I could live with Urban Symphony, Traffic and Janne Saar too. Go to ETV to see preview videos of all 10 songs.
While we wait for the result let's watch (and listen to) some cracker songs from the last few years in Eurolaul.

Eurolaul 2008. Rolf Junior - "One on One"

Eurolaul 2007. Laura - "Sunflowers"

Eurolaul 2006. Ines - "Iseendale"

Eurolaul 2004. Maarja - "Homme"

Eurolaul 2004. Kerli - "Beautiful inside"

Unfortunately there were no videos of Meribel "Mr Right" (2006), Eha "Gotta go" (2005) or Koit Toome "Know how I feel" (2003) on YouTube so you'll just have to take my word for how good they are.

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