Finland get it right! And no rock in sight!

Winner! Waldo's People - "Lose Control"

I told you Waldo's People would have to win. This means Finland will be in the final yet again. Now that's a promise! And how fun was it to see Annie Kratz Gutå once again! As soon as the Swedish tabloids find out a Swede is involved in the entry Finland will get a buzz and probably 12 points in the semi final. You're welcome! :)

It was really tight between the winner and Signmark in the superfinal though. 45% of the votes compared to 41% or similar. Poor Passionworks were never even close. I would have been happy with Signmark too so congratulations to the Finns. You made me very proud last night. Let's continue on this road next year. Let the rock music sleep for a while and step out of your comfort zone for good.

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