Petra Mede is the queen of comedy

I know Velvet is not the best of singers but how can anybody seriously think that Mikael Rickfors' dead-boring gubbrock shite was better than "The Queen"? I need answers because I don't understand at all...

That performance (and song) is as close to Kylie Sweden will ever get.

Forgot to mention in the last blog entry that Petra Mede was hilarious this time. She has been funny in earlier weeks but on Saturday she was outstanding. This part of the night had me in stitches:

But what the hell SVT? Why did you cut the clip before she was done in the greenroom? The best part is missing! Cowardness?! Are you that afraid of Carola? Thank God for Youtube (as long as it is there before SVT takes actions...)

I love it!!! Brilliant humour!

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oskyldig said...

I agree! Petra was so good that I had to quote her in my upcoming review of the songs.

Best part "Christer Björkman as the king, and the Perrelli, and the Hero!"

Or regarding the circus. I actually fell over laughing. ^_^