Hope and glory show me heaven and I'll walk 1000 miles because it's my life

MF semi 2 result:
Måns Zelmerlöw - "Hope & Glory
H.E.A.T - "1000 Miles"
Andra Chansen
Lili & Susie - "Show me heaven"
Amy Diamond - "It's my life"
5. Cookies n Beans - "What if"
6. Markoolio - "Kärlekssång från mig"
7. Jennifer Brown - "Never been here before"
8. Lasse Lindh - "Jag ska slåss i dina kvarter"

- It was HEAT vs Amy and Måns vs Lili & Susie in the duels. I wonder if Måns was in the lead? But then that would mean L&S was only 4th. Or did the Swedes back rock and had Amy 4th? I'm such a nerd getting excited over these kind of things... ;)

- I'm guessing people already are at peace with the new voting system though. Right?!

- Now, what about that international jury? What's the deal? Sure, Amy was good but a more realistic choice would have been Brown or the Cookies. Scrap the current jury and give me the job instead!

- "Show me heaven" looked a bit messy on stage but never mind that when the Finnish sisters looked so happy to be back in the limelight. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one getting a smile on my face seeing the choreography straight from the 80s heydays. The song does stick around in your head too.

- The camera work during Lasse's number made me seasick. Or carsick. Everything was spinning too fast which made it difficult to concentrate on the song itself.

- Jennifer sounded out of breath and I missed a spark in her eyes. Also the performance would become more complete if she had worn a different outfit. I'm thinking a classy yet smoking hot black long dress with Swarowski stones and a vent to show some leg. I understood Jennifer would miss out on the final 5 after this but still her entry was the best song of the night for me.

Jennifer Brown - "Never Been Here Before"

- I stand by the fact that H.E.A.T wasn't much fun to look at but the singer sure can sing and being the only rock song in the field made it pretty obvious that people would vote regardless after having heard the whole song.

- A part of me feels sorry for Markoolio. He looked so nervous and he wanted to be funny but didn't quite get there. Having sung one of his usual stuff would have got him further.

- "Robo Girl" Amy was professional as always. But come on, you are 17 now you don't have to look 13 anymore even if your biggest audience is kids. They'll still like you if you grow up. New clothes in Andra Chansen please to match the song.

- Would have preferred to see the Cookies in Andra Chansen instead of Amy since they had the second best song of the night. Shame.

Cookies n Beans - "What If"

- I bet Mums Mums could sing anything and get away with it really. The number looked tight and well rehearsed but as my roomie pointed out we did not understand why the women on stage had to be half naked. "Hope & Glory" is a true MF-anthem and will live happily ever after but I think it would be a mistake to send it to Eurovision.

Next week: Velvet, Rigo & The Topaz Sound, Molly Sandén, EMD, Mikael Rickfors, Maja Gullstrand, Sofia och BWO.


oskyldig said...

I wasn't really down with Cookies 'n' Beans, it just didn't do it for me. I was sort of bored and wondering what was going on. It's a personal choice though.

I can't see how you think Amy is profesional. Perhaps in her disposition, but he voice? It needs development from a trainers perspective, but otherwise it's a good "hits for kids" song...

I agree with the joke of the international jury. I reckon that they are choosing such songs since they are the 2nd or 3rd choices, and the first few choices are qualified already. Jennifer Brown deserved it this time, but alas nobody ever listens to us. ;)

Dave Gee said...

I'm disappointed that I wasn't asked to be part of the International Jury! I think the jury seriously needs the perspective of a "youthful tv reporter from New Zealand" ;-)

Nina said...

Oskyldig: I agree, Amy needs to develope her voice to sound more mature but I was talking about professional as in nailing the cameras, singing in tune and dancing all at the same time. She never appears to be nervous either.

Dave: Great to see you here! How on earth could SVT leave you out of the international jury? Shame on them!