Did your country really need Diane Warren after all?

What a thriller Your country needs you turned out to be. My friends and I who saw the show together were all rooting for Jade but had a feeling that the Brits would go for the Twins. It's been Jade all the way for me as you might remember from earlier posts. What I have been worried about is that her voice in ballads is not as strong as when she does uptempo numbers with lots of dancing. Still she was clearly the best in the winning song.

The song in itself has devided people. Some love it, some say it's utter rubbish. Most of the batting is for the cheezy lyrics. When I heard the first version sung by Mark I wasn't convinced either. The lyrics really are cheezy and I'm in fact very disappointed in Diane Warren. I also thought that the song was too simple and too musical theatre and not at all what I had hoped for. But then came the last minute when the song explodes with a key change and everything and it made up for most of it. Then the Twins sung it and by then you had already got used to the song and so when Jade finally did her take on "My Time" the factor of recognition was already there and you could focus on her interpretation instead. Which took the song away from musical theatre and landed in Whitney Houston power ballad area. Still annoyed with the lyrics though. Is it possible to re-write them until May? Can they do that?

Winner UK. Jade - "My Time"

Good luck my British friends. I'm not convinced it's a winner yet but on the other hand the UK should be satisfied with anything above mid-table after the last couple of efforts. And Jade is by far the strongest bet you had to chose from. If they promote the song a lot around Europe it will help them since the song actually do grow for each time you hear it. Somehow it reminds me quite a lot of another ALW number - "Our Kind Of Love" from the musical The Beautiful Game. It builds up in the same way but the lyrics by Ben Elton is a bit less cheezy than Warrens.


Never Stop The Europop said...

I totally agree!

Tobias (Becks) said...

"my Impossible Dream" all over again. I am not impressed, but I think other will be...