Please please Stay the night because You're my world and I believe in us

Here is an apology to the Swedish people. I underestimated you. I'm sorry! Next week I'll predict the results only based on my heart and the outcome might be closer to the real result. "In the perfect world of Posh" I had 3 out of 4 winners yesterday...

MF semi 1 result:
Alcazar - "Stay the night"
Emilia - "You're my world"
Andra Chansen
Caroline af Ugglas - "Snälla snälla"
Scotts - "Jag tror på oss"
5. Nina - "Tick Tock"
6. Marie - "Disconnect me"
7. Jonathan - "Welcome to my world"
8. Shirley Clamp - "Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus"

- The international jury chose to give Caroline another go. Even if she does not advance in AC there's still a chance for her to reach the final.

- The voting with duels was not at all so confusing as the tabloids want to give the impression of. This system has been used in Andra Chansen and the reactions have never been this harsh. Guess the Swedes still are conservative even though they got the songs right. I agree with Christer Björkman - in a few weeks nobody will whine anymore when they have gotten used to the idea. Don't be so bloody afraid of changes!

- Petra Mede made an agreeable debut. I liked her jokes but she had her head in the cue cards too much. Considering the dress rehearsal had been chaotic I don't blame her though. And the dress changes were fabulous!

- There were too many words in Nina's entry. I felt out of breath just listening. Forgettable.

- Jonathan gave me the same feeling as I wrote yesterday. The song does nothing for me. Boring.

- I nod in agreement with myself when reading what I said yesterday about Shirley's song. Too bland. I had never heard Clamp take a bum note before. Shame. But last place?!

- I have no new comment to share about Scotts. Just glad they lost out to Alcazar in the duel. Horrible song.

- The joy in Emilia's eyes when she got the golden ticket! That was nice to see. Though I wish she'd sing with more support from her stomach to get a fuller voice.

- Never thought Alcazar would beat Scotts but they so deserved a one way ticket to Globen and I'm glad people realised that for once.

- Yay! I voted for Caroline and in all my excitement I dialed the expensive number by mistake. At least I did a good dead by doing so, giving money to charity. "Snälla snälla" is still my favourite and it looks like I wasn't the only one. Didn't see that coming. I take a bow to the Swedes.

- It's not Marie's fault she flopped. It's the song. As I said yesterday, there's not enough heart in it and people saw through that.

- It was said that in the first duel the entry with most votes would compete against the entry in 4th position. It was Scotts against Alcazar. Alcazar won the duel but I would not be surprised if it was Scotts in the lead up until that moment. Why? Because dansband-fans are used to vote several times but over a longer period of time. Then in the duel they did not understand what short time space they had to vote whereas the Alcazar-fans did and called in a frenzy. Or where they in the lead the entire time? We'll find out for sure after the final in Globen when SVT reveals the exact votes from each semi.

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oskyldig said...

I've got some comments for you, Nina!

I disagree on two points for you: First two entries.

Nina's song rocked my world, I can't stop replaying the TV-rip!

Joathan's song was although a little bland, makes me happy and he's a cutey patootie; also it reminded me a bit of Emile Azar's entry, just the Hello Hello Hello part.

Scotts was just plain catastrophic

Emilia was marvelous

Alcazar rocked my socks, as always

Caroline made me smile, cring, and hate the word "Snälla"

Marie flopped and looked like a bimbo; I found more interest in the dancers and their open-backed shirt!

You can of course read my comments on my blog, if you so desire, and comment on my commenting.. ;)