Vive la qualité!

The yearly rumor about what French superstar we will see represent France in Eurovision started about a month ago. Last year the buzz was Tina Arena. This year the buzz was Patricia Kaas. These rumors are never true so to avoid disappointment it's easier to not get swept away in the talks at all. But lo and behold 2009 seems to be the year when it all happens. Apparently, somehow, someone convinced Kaas that Eurovision is the road to take in order to promote herself to a whole continent at once during 3 minutes. Can her recent tour to Russia have anything to do with this decision? Hopefully, I'll get more clarity in this matter on Monday when there's supposed to be a press conference to officially declare the entry Ms Kaas will treat us all in May.

According to my ESC-sources Patricia Kaas gave herself away during an interview where she said that the song is in fact "Et s'il fallait le faire" from her latest album Kabaret.

Patricia Kaas - "Et s'il fallait le faire" (France 2009?)

It's a classic French chanson, which I'm always very fond of. And Kaas is one classy singer. I adore her deep voice and has done so for several years. One of the few songs I never change in my iPod is "Rien ne s'arrête". Soooo beautiful! Sadly I couldn't find it on youtube. Others may be more familiar with her take on the exquisite "Ne me quitte pas" (If you go away). I am well pleased Kaas will enter the Eurostage. Those in the know are claiming that the woman is even better live than on record.


"L'Aigle noir"


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