Listen! MF semi 3

Was supposed to have posted my comments last night. But I fell asleep. Simple as that. At least they're here now.

Velvet - "The Queen"
Best song tonight but what good does that do when Velvet has a habit of coming 5th. From what I've seen from rehearsals the number will appeal to children with the princess-theme and a castle on the LED-screens but kiddies are not allowed to vote as many times as teenagers (for EMD). Shame Velvet is not a great live singer, that could have convinced a few more people.

Rigo & The Topaz Sound feat. Red Fox - "I got u"
Rigo was once a member of Latin Kings. The song has a nice beat and is linked with "Mambo No.5", you'll agree. Though I think 1 minute is enough and fear that it won't be more than "I've got u, jojojojojo, I've got u..." 3 minutes straight.

Molly Sandén - "Så vill stjärnorna"
This song is the long lost cousin to "Kärleken är", every Disney ballad in the book, the complete works of Sanna Nielsen and a dansband ballad. Like it or not young Molly is a star in the making with a beautiful voice who makes the number believable so Globen it is. But sorry Pling, you are definitely losing it.

E.M.D - "Baby, Goodbye"
I've never been a fan of EMD (though like Danny's solo work) so had no expectations on their entry. The song seems ok and reminds me of something else. What? It will sail through no matter what just because it's EMD. Fjortisar will vote like crazy and the song will get picked up on radio stations but if anybody screams Moscow I'll punch them.

Mikael Rickfors - "Du vinner över mig"
How I dislike "gubbrock"! Tobbe Ek said that the chorus reminded him of Sandra Dahlberg's old "Här stannar jag kvar" and I can hear that too. Never liked that one either. I even have trouble understanding the jury who picked this over thousands of other suggestions. No thanks. Last?

Maja Gullstrand - "Här för mig själv"
I have no relation to Fame Factory-Maja as I lived in Finland at the time. I just know that I hate her juvenile voice but the song has its charm. Bossanova has made it before. Remember "A different kind of love" in 2005 - another weak semi final. Don't be surprised if Maja gets a ticket to Andra Chansen but I hope her fun stops at 5th place as best.

Sofia - Alla
With the title I was expecting the lyrics to be Swedish but it's in Greek and I should have known that really since Sofia's last entry was originally sung in Greek too. I quite like this and could imagine Anna Vissi singing this as an album track. She would do it a million times better though. Naturally. Anna is a Greek goddess after all. I'll send this to Andra Chansen but I doubt the Swedes will be as kind as I am.

BWO - You're not alone
This is not as strong as I had hoped for in the 1 minute snippet but then again I haven't seen Martin in action yet... But without even seeing the sexiest man in Sweden (Martin, not Alexander) it is my second favourite tonight. And Marina (possibly the sexiest woman in Sweden) has another sultry talking part just like last year. I hope it goes well for the bodies without organs.

In the perfect world of Posh: Velvet and BWO to Globen. Sofia and Molly to Andra Chansen. EMD 5th. Then Maja, Rigo and Rickfors in that order.

The Swedes will vote:
Andra Chansen
5. Velvet

I think Velvet will be 5th out of habit but it could also be that she change places with Maja. Sofia will just miss out.

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acording to Bard himself its only BWO and Alcazar that kan compete in moscow.