I Believe Again in Dansk MGP

Who was in the Danish jury this year to select what 10 songs were going to battle it out last night? I'd like to congratulate them on their great taste. Never have I seen such a good Danish final. There were only 2 songs I didn't like. As always some songs were lowered by the live performance (hey Trine I'm talking to you...) but over all a high standard of songs.

DR had the same system as SVT will use for Melodifestivalen. Very exciting on the verge of giving people nervous breakdowns. First showing all 10 songs. Then 50/50 votes from a jury and the viewers to select 4 songs that battle each other two and two - head to head. That leaves 2 songs in a superfinal with one winner.

I was thrilled to have my two favourites among the four but lost the smile when they had to go up against each other. (When this will happen in MF, which is bound to happen, I'll be a total wreck!) Sukkershok and Hera Björk both deserved to be in the superfinal. But since I know the composers for "Someday" I was ecstatic for them to win the duel. Unfortunately they then lost against Ronan Keating in the end. Still so, so proud of them for a 2nd place in Denmark!!!

Yes, Ronan Keating won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. He is one of the composers for "Believe Again" and anyone can hear that. Brinck even has serious Keating-complex which makes him sound like a decent karaoke copy. That's my view at least. The song is 3 plus but don't ask me to sing it for you as I instantly forget it after the last note. Will probably work ok in Moscow but it's not really my cuppa.

Winner. Brinck - "Believe Again"

2nd. Hera Björk - "Someday"

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