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NRK has now put sound clips up on all the songs in MGP 2009. It's pretty harsh to give a fair judgement based on 30 seconds but you do get a feel for a song. You can probably tick a "yes", "no" or "maybe" in the like-box. When listening to all entries at once like this there were four songs that stood out from the rest. The others seem ok enough and some will probably improve when you see the whole act together, others will fall flat.

  • Velvet - Tricky

  • Chicas del Coro - Men, men, men

  • Espen Hana - Two of a kind

  • Wenche Myhre - Alt har en mening nå

They are extremely unlike - pop, schlager, 60s and 40s sound - and I suppose that is why they stand out from the middle-of-the-road-pop-singer/songwriter-material. If I may be so bold I'd say already at this stage that the Norwegians should select "Tricky". I can't wait to hear the whole song and see the girls on stage. I hope to God that they can sing live but based on their CVs that shouldn't be a problem.

Also, I'm thrilled to have good ol' Wenche back in the game. Perhaps the song isn't as strong as I'd hoped for but she's Wenche for Godness sake! That makes up for almost anything in my book... However, 1992 is the year she was totally and utterly robbed of victory. Schlager at its best!

MGP 1992. Wenche Myhre - "Du skal få din dag i morgen"

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