Tricky Tricky

Just finished watching last night's MGP show from NRK where the first semi took place in Kongsvinger. Good show. No beating around the bush or long segments just hello and welcome, songs 1-7, tribute to Kate Gullbrandsen, results. A semi final doesn't need to last longer than 1h 10min. Well done NRK! Mixed bag of songs and performances, not all to my liking but I don't mind since my big favourite won. Yay!

MGP 2009 semi 1 - Velvet - "Tricky"

The style of the song is like something you'd get by blending Kylie, Britney and Girls Aloud together. Not bad at all. I hope Velvet walks it in Spektrum, Oslo in February.

Thomas Bröndbo will go with them to the final while Espen Hana and Surferosa will meet again in Siste sjansen.

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