Hallelujah, BBC is trying!

What have all of these songs in common? Other than having been big hits?! Any guess? No? Diane Warren of course. This miracle woman of songwriting has been a favourite of mine since the early 90s. The first time I fell in love with her words (I think) was when I heard Celine Dion singing "Water from the moon" from her 1992 album "Celine Dion" also containing "If you asked me to" and "Love can move mountains" (by - surprise surprise - Warren).

In 2009 Diane Warren will compete in Eurovision! This is a dream come true for Posh. I was happy enough to have Andrew Lloyd Webber compose a song for the contest. Yesterday I found out that he will have Warren by his side writing the lyrics for his song. I'm in heaven! Some of my absolute favourite singers have recorded songs by Diane Warren. Celine Dion, Dusty Springfield, Elaine Paige... The list goes on and on. Now let's hope the Brits vote for Jade in Your country needs you and this could be a future ESC-classic!

Your country needs you (heat 1). Jade - "Deja vu"

More Diane Warren songs that I love is:
"Wherever would I be" - Dusty Springfield
"Heart don't change my mind" - Elaine Paige (in this clip Barbra Streisand)
"Any other fool" - Dusty Springfield (in this clip Patti Austin)

With Terry Wogan gone and a production team that actually give a damn this could be the turning point for Britain in the big ES of C. Good luck BBC!

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