The Phantom of the Euro-stage

To start the ESC-year for real dear old Eurofivestar and I had a kick off on Sunday. We watched the first episode of BBC-produced "Your country needs you" which will follow a few British hopefuls on the way of representing UK with a song penned by none other than the Lord himself. Andrew Lloyd Webber. I'm not just a sucker for Eurovision I'm also a sucker for musicals and that Lordi-guy has written some masterpieces through the years. It will be exciting to see what he comes up with for Moscow. Dear Andrew, just know that you are allowed to compose a killer popsong for this event. A bombastic ballad might do the trick but a killer popsong sung by Jade WILL trick the viewers of Europe to finally vote British. Of that I am sure. Good luck Webby!

€5* and Posh continued the evening by going down memory lane watching Eurovision 2003. A year voted the best ESC-week ever by us who were in Riga. The fun we had. Crazy. The parties we went to. Crazy. The people we hung out with. Crazy. Ah, those were the days. I had forgot a lot of songs and some I wish never would have surfaced my consciousness again (hey Cyprus! hey Israel!) but also some gems that I really like. This is one of them. I didn't rate it at the time but afterwards it grew and grew on me and the singing is perfection to the last note.

I give you Portugal 2003.

Rita Guerra - "Deixa-me sonhar"

To hear the whole song in English, called "Keep the dream alive", click HERE.

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