Get that song out of my head

Montenegro is one of those countries you don't notice very well when it comes to Eurovision. Sure, they haven't competed as their own country more than twice but the entries have been bland and boring. Stevan Faddy in 2007 was just plain rude and full of himself on top of that yawn of a song he sang. I kind of giggled that time he fell flat on the stage during one of his rehearsals...

But this year Montenegro is sending something completely different. Something you'd expect Slovenia or Croatia would come up with on a good day. I fear I will grow tired of "Just get out of my life" after a few months since it is no understatement saying it's repetitive. But at the moment the song is stuck in my head and I'm very happy for Andrea and her country. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a live performance of the song but my hopes are high that she'll give a good performance in Moscow.

Montenegro. Andrea Demirovic - "Just Get Out Of My Life"

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