Suomi on the move

You all know that Euroviisut is the reason Becks is unfaithful to me this year. But did you also know that Finland has quite a good selection of songs in 2009? And what more, 3 out of 12 acts have made music videos to accompany their entries BEFORE the final! Well done!

Waldo's People - "Lose Control"

Signmark feat. Ismo Ikonen - "Speakerbox"

Remu - "Planeetta"

Check Beck's new place to hear all songs. I'm saying Waldo's People to win on Jan 31. What are you saying?


Birdseed said...

What do you know, this is probably the first time I've heard a half-way decent hip-hop track in Eurovision ever. They always manage to pick the ghastliest pop-rap bollocks, but Signmark and Isko (kinda) nail it.

oskyldig said...

I'm particularly fond of Waldo's People, and Sani songs this year. They are both catchy, and if I'm singing them walking down the street in a tiny little city in France, that says a lot about their quality! <3 x