Swedish jury and more

So it's been revealed who the "music-experts" in the Swedish jury were...

Sarah Dawn Finer, singer
Magnus Carlsson, singer (+ schlager fan)
Anna Charlotta Gunnarsson, TV/radio presenter (+ schlager fan)
Michael Cederberg, radio producer (+ schlager fan)
L-G Alsenius, radio producer

Eh, ok... Who was in charge of finding suitable people for the jury? Christer Björkman? I thought the jury was supposed to consist of trendy musicians and producers who knows what is quality and freshness anno 2009. Not just a bunch of ESC-fans. I can live with Sarah D Finer as she was one of the MF-jury's favourites this year, but the rest? Producing Svensktoppen isn't that hot!

I would much rather have seen Alexander Bard, Mr & Mrs Bagge or Andreas Carlsson (judges in Swedish Idols), Robyn, Marit Bergman etc. Did they all say no, SVT???

I am still awaiting the separate votes from the jury only. I hope they will be made public!

This is how Sweden (jury + televoters) voted in the semi:
1p Belarus
2p Switzerland
3p Portugal
4p Malta (what the fuck?!? Chiara was vile in the semi!)
5p Armenia
6p Israel (another question mark...)
7p Turkey
8p Bosnia-Herzegovina
10p Finland
12p Iceland

And in the final:
1p Albania
2p Greece
3p Armenia
4p Finland
5p Bosnia-Herzegovina
6p Turkey
7p Estonia
8p Azerbaijan
10p Iceland
12p Norway

The Finnish and Romanian jury results have been made public. Any readers knowing about other countries?

Finnish jury in the final (1-12p): Israel, Sweden, Bosnia, Armenia, Turkey, France, Malta, Norway, Estonia and Iceland.

Romanian jury in the final (1-12p): Azerbaijan, Israel, UK, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Armenia, Malta, Moldova, Iceland.


Estonian jury in the final (1-12p): Azerbaijan, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Albania, Portugal, Israel, Norway, Russia and Iceland.

Estonian televotes (1-12p): UK, Denmark, France, Sweden, Lithuania, Finland, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Russia and Norway.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that Micke Cederberg is a schlager fan? He's the producer of Tracks and a "music fan". I *know* he doesn't listen to real schlager music at home - not at all.. :)

Diarmuid said...

That's the danger, isn't it? That the juries will be overly conservative and stifle attempts to keep the competition in the 21st century.

I think the counterbalance will be the decline in viewership (and hence in televoting income) if entries generally become too worthy and dull. We'll see what happens.

Those juries did love Iceland, didn't they?

Posh said...

P: You seem to know Micke quite well. Then please ask him if he was not a member of OGAE (Swedish fan club) in the late 90s?! If I am not mistaken he was. As well as producing/presenting lots of ESC-related shows on radio P4 back in the day.

Diarmuid: I am not going to slag off the juries as a whole before I see the exact numbers of how they voted. I just wonder why most countries are using previous ESC-singers in their juries etc. We should look forward, not backwards...

List of Jurors 2009:

Diarmuid said...

That's fair enough. Actually, looking at the list you've posted, there is a better mix of tastes represented in the juries than I assumed - I had just seen the more old-school ones listed (Ireland, France, Sweden) and jumped to conclusions, but other countries have gone for younger tastes or even high-brow (Croatia!).

Hopefully we'll find out more about the juries' choices.

Diarmuid said...

Belgian jury (1-12): Azerbaijan, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Turkey, Germany, Norway, Moldova, Portugal, Israel.
(via http://www.eurovision-info.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=143)

esctoday also have the overall jury votes up; the top 10 were:

Norway (312 points)
Iceland (260 points)
United Kingdom (223 points)
France (164 points)
Estonia (124 points)
Denmark (120 points)
Turkey (114 points)
Azerbaijan (112 points)
Israel (107 points)
Greece (93 points)