Posh on Norway

Alexander Rybak – Fairytale 3/5
I know this entry should push all my buttons but it only leaves me cold. It will probably win the whole thing anyway but I would prefer to see the big fan-favourite come in 2nd. The lyrics are nothing special, the melody is too old fashioned, the LEDs are totally over the top with Christmas scenery full of fireworks and the performance seems calculating to appeal to the Eastern countries. The boy isn’t even cute. So what do people see that I am missing? Though I’m prepared to be disappointed in the same way as in 2000 when Denmark won and I was clueless. Norway was my favourite last year. Now THAT was quality!

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Yoyo said...

Ohh finally someone that dosent think he is wonderboy..I cant understand why everyone loves this song and U are so wright he isnt even that cute ;-)Still he probably will win the whole chabang..