Semi 1 result

Yay! Sweden got through! Lucky thing we were in the 2nd envelope as my poor nerves would have given up if it had been the last one. I wouldn't be surprised though if Sweden got saved by the jury yet again... After the final on Saturday we'll know the complete score from each country.

Iceland was very, very good tonight! Gave up hope on Switzerland even though I voted for it. Feared it would get lost and I was right. Bosnia must have won the semi. Chiara was boring and I didn't even have her in my personal top 10 tonight. Elena from Romania sang really well and lifted the song. Bulgaria was awful as always. Almost as bad as the presenters. Who was in charge of the camera and lightning crew? Felt like they were more interested in showing off the big stage than focusing on the singers and the mood of the songs. During some of the performances there were not enough light on stage either. Maybe they put everything on Malena...

I will miss Switzerland in the final but am happy to have picked 9 out of 10 entries yesterday. Tonight when we all made our own top 10 after seeing the show my votes were as follows. Macedonia 1p, Romania 2p, Portugal 3 points, Turkey 4p, Armenia 5p, Sweden 6p, Finland 7p, Iceland 8p, Switzerland 10p, Bosnia 12p.

The actual 10 countries were

Bring on the 2nd semi!!!


oskyldig said...

I concur. I found the camera-show to be absolutly horrible. I felt like I was watching the stage and not the singers 90% of the time; what's up with that?

It was a nice stage, but really we are there for the show, not the stage!

Tobias YLE (Becks) said...

I also had nine out of then - I though Belarus would be in and Sweden out. But not sorry I was wrong.
Camera work OK, I think. Much better than at the dress rehearsal. But sometimes the only way is up.