Eurovision goes Opera

One of the things said in Swedish papers after Malena finished 21st on Saturday was that "perhaps Eurovision isn't ready for opera yet". Well, I hate to let you down but "La Voix" was not the first entry with an opera connection in this little contest. Far from it. You decide who did it best though...

Sweden 2009. Malena Ernman - "La Voix"

Only 2 years ago we heard opera with a disco-beat from Balkan. 15th place.

Slovenia 2007. Alenka Gotar - "Cvet z Juga"

Cheesy fake-opera á la Malta. 12th place.

Malta 2004. Julie & Ludwig - "On Again...Off Again"

More Balkan opera. I really like this one. 6th place.

Croatia 1995. Magazin & Lidija - "Nostalgija"

3 opera singers were flown in only to sing for 10 seconds in the end of this song. 5th place.

Italy 1984. Alice & Franco Battiato - "I Treni di Tozeur"

Hilarious novelty act about the opera world. A classic. 19th place (joint last with nil points).

Turkey 1983. Cetin Alp & The Short Waves - "Opera"

Even Sweden has sent an opera singer before. 44 years ago. 10th place out of 18.

Sweden 1965 . Ingvar Wixell - "Absent Friends" (Annorstädes vals)

Melodifestivalen has seen opera before too. I am still in love with this song 20 years on. Joint 5th place with Lili & Sussie.

MF 1989. Haakon Pedersen & Elisabeth Berg - "Nattens drottning"

Which operatic entry would you vote for?

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