Semi 2 result

I will have a word with the Swedish government about ditching Easter holiday in favour for a Eurovision holiday. I can't cope with working full time AND follow Eurovision at the same time. I am so tired. More than during a regular ESC-week on location, but without all the fun parties and people.

I didn't even have time to publish my predictions for the second semi, but I did put them on Facebook so there is proof of the countries I picked before the show. My prediction for the 10 envelopes were: Estonia, Ukraine, Albania, Moldova, Greece, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Norway, Croatia and Ireland. Adding "or possibly Lithuania on jury vote" instead of Ireland. So 9/10 or a shining 10/10 depending on how strict you are... I have never been THIS successful in my predictions in previous years. There are usually a few surprises.

The only surprise in the 2nd semi was the amount of bad singing. Gosh, it was painful at times. But I'm pleased that the Dutch fell out on their ears. Serves them right! Albania was the nice surprise. Kejsi was great despite the weird stage act. The 7 of us who watched the show together had a voting procedure of our own which was won by Albania.

Posh voted: Denmark 1p, Slovenia 2p, Ireland 3p, Ukraine 4p, Norway 5p, Moldova 6p, Greece 7p, Albania 8p, Azerbaijan 10p and Estonia 12 points.

Winners in semi 2:

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