MF 1 according to Posh

Holy cow, Melodifestivalen is back, back, BACK!
The first semi must be the most modern sounding one yet and I love it! Was very excited last night to sit down with schlager-friends and see what SVT would treat us. Here is a short review...

  • Nanne, Sonja and Charlotte made a luxurious opening number of "Holding out for a hero" to welcome the presenters on stage.

  • Måns Zelmerlöw is a natural at presenting. Christine Meltzer showed her nerves from time to time and became a little bit over-excited but did fine all in all. Dolph Lundgren is king! Enough said. Brilliant move to make him part of Melodifestivalen.

  • Ola - "Unstoppable": Good popsong. Liked the piano tinkle taken from Petula Clark's old "Couldn't live without your love".
  • Jenny Silver - "A place to stay": Kylie-electropop. Wohoo! Too weird for the general MF-viewer but I will have the studio version in my iPod for a long time to come.

  • Linda Pritchard - "You're making me hot, hot, hot": Tries to be Ani Lorak but will have to do with Marie Sernholt. Or less. Nothing warm, happy or sexy about the performance and the song is not good enough.
  • Pain of Salvation - "Road salt": Hypnotic! Beautiful voice!
  • Anders Ekborg - "The Saviour": Pompous and pretentious. Nice for a musical (Evita/Chess) but not to represent Sweden 2010.
  • Jessica Andersson - "I did it for love": Moving ballad. Grower. As if Agnetha Fältskog, Dolly Parton and Dusty Springfield melted together into a classical MF-ballad.
  • Frispråkarn - "Singel": Ok for its' genre but I'm always suspicious to hiphop in Swedish.
  • Salem Al Fakir - "Keep on walking": Salem is such a musical guy! I feel pure happiness hearing all those harmonies. Fantastic chorus. A real song. Reminds of "Wonderchild" by Christian Waltz.

No use putting youtube clips of the songs that went through on here since SVT removes them as soon as they have a chance. Instead you'll get Dolph "the Superhero" Lundgren singing Elvis.

Final: Salem Al Fakir
Final: Ola
Andra Chansen: Jessica Andersson
Andra Chansen: Pain of Salvation
5. Linda Pritchard
6. Anders Ekborg
7. Frispråkarn
8. Jenny Silver

Posh would have voted Salem & Jessica directly to the final. PoS & Silver to Andra Chansen. 5. Ola 6. Linda 7. Ekborg 8. Frispråkarn.


Roger said...

Hehe. "Norway always do well when there's a Swede involved". Indeed. Just ask Knut Anders Sørum or Guri Schanke ;-)

Posh said...

I forgot to put the word "song" in that sentence somewhere. Knut and Guri were doomed from the beginning and I'd rather forget about their existence altogether. :)

Roger said...

Hehe. Indeed!! :)

Dave Gee said...

Thanks Nina! ;-) Ola Ola #1 tho! Alexander Kronlund's style all over that one, very 'Mona Lisa'. Salem an interesting song, either that or Jessica for my second choice. Linda was pretty rough singing live.

Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

dragi said...

Kolla gärna mina tankar kring årets melodifestival. ESC är bland den bästa tiden på året,svenska melodifestivalen är en folkfest man inte missar.

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