I don't know Iceland?

Last night was all about the Nordic countries with Iceland, Norway and Denmark having their national finals and Sweden kicking off Melodifestivalen. Let's start with Iceland...

Hera Björk sang backups for Eurobandit two years ago in Belgrade and this year she'll be fronting Iceland on stage in Oslo with the song "Je ne sais quoi" (I don't know what). She does indeed have a strong voice but to tell the truth the song in itself isn't all that. Unfortunately. She deserves something much better, but Hera has been involved with writing the song herself so there's nobody to blame really.

Iceland 2010 - "Je ne sais quoi"

Last year Hera came 2nd in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix with this super-schlager. Which one do you prefer?

"Someday" - 2nd in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009

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