Finland is VERY Finnish

Finland selected their entry last weekend in Tampere. It was a bland affair to be honest but there were two songs I kind of liked. Of course none of them even made it to the final 3... Your standards are slipping dear old Suomi!

The winning song is called "Työlki ellää" sung in a Finnish dialect by two blondes who call themselves Kuunkuiskaajat. (Try saying that out loud several times in a row..!) They remind me of 70s sisters Koivistolaiset who sang for Finland in 1971 together with Markku Aro. The sound is extremely Finnish ready to go with an accordion and violins. But really, violins are SO 2009 and the accordion has NEVER been in fashion. Not my cuppa and I think they will struggle in the semi final in May but at the same time I know that it could have been even worse. That horrid humppa song could have won.

Good luck Finland - you'll need it!

Finland 2010 - "Työlki ellää"

These two songs are the ones I would have preferred...

Sister Twister - "Love at the first sight" (Euroviisut 2010)

Heli Kajo - "Annankadun kulmassa" (Euroviisut 2010)

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