Gold for the Swiss?!

The second country to reveal their entry was Switzerland. I remember how hyped I was last year after I found out that Lovebugs were going to represent them. It only took me a short search on youtube to understand that I'd like the song based on their previous material. "The highest heights" got a full 5 from me and I am still a annoyed they never got an envelope in the semi final.

The Swiss hopeful this year is Michael Von Der Heide with the French "Il pleut de l'or" (It's raining gold). The song is quite pleasant and it grows on you but who will have time to listen to the song when all you see are two big ears on that stage? I'm not trying to be bitchy here as I do believe that anyone with a good enough voice should be successful no matter their visual appearance. But come on! I'm only saying what all you lot are thinking. Those ears are making Michael a living target for harsh comments.

Switzerland 2010. "Il pleut de l'or".

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Jerome said...

Surely, the dude is absolutely fair.
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