A double win for Norway?

Norway is a wealthy country. They are not afraid of arranging Eurovision two years in a row. Why else would they pick another song that will to VERY well? I was never a fan of Alexander Rybak but at the same time I could understand what other people were raving about. "My heart is yours" sung by young, handsome opera-boy Didrik Solli-Tangen is a much better song with a bombastic ending including a fireworks-wall on stage. Quite impressive!

Norway 2010 - "My heart is yours"

Norway will end up no lower than 5th place in May. I assure you. This is why:

- Most people in Europe have heard "You raise me up" over the years.
- This sound is doing well with all the Josh Groban look-a-likes and Susan Boyle at the moment.
- Don't forget that there's a jury in ESC that reward musicality as from last year.
- Didrik is a hearthrob, girls of all ages will televote.
- He is singing on homeground with the support of the whole audience in Telenor Arena.
- Statistically, Norway always do well when there's a Swede involved - this time Fredrik Kempe as the composer. (Kempe is in ESC for the third year in a row now and could compete against himself if Peter Jöback wins in Sweden... What a track record!)

Get my point?!

On a whole, NRK put together a national final of high standard. Kudos!
Click these links below to watch my other favourites from Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2010.

Alexander Stenerud - Give it to me
Venke Knutson - Jelous cause I love you
Maria Haukaas Storeng - Make my day


Tobias (Becks) said...

Norway does well when a Swede is involved? You forgot about 2004 and 2007 already, did you? :)

I can't see the appeal of this at all. He is sweet and sings well, but for me, this song is nothing.

I think you are right and I am wrong, but this winning would be worse than Dima Bilan in 2008 in my book...

Posh said...

I already answered Roger on that one further up... Knut & Guri are erased from my memory just as they should be. They don't exist.

I'm not saying I personally want Norway to do a double but I think there's a possibility. And with the crap that's been selected so far there's not much competition is there?! I mean you Netherlands! (Review tomorrow..)

Astrid and Guri said...

Our favorite this year was Alexander Stenerud, but we wish Didrik the best of luck. See you in Oslo:-)