No surprises in Andra Chansen

Yes! Yes! Yes! The two songs I wanted to win last night actually did. I am so, so, so happy for Caroline af Ugglas. I voted 3 times for her. According to polls in tabloids and blogs she was the true star of Andra Chansen and I'm ecstatic that people fell for quality. Same goes for Sarah Dawn Finer. Powerful. My only loss is that BWO didn't beat Lili & Susie but I saw that coming. My predictions from last weekend were pretty accurate.

Scotts vs Sarah Dawn Finer
Jag tror på oss is dull as ditch water even though they shaped up the performance. Nothing could stand in the way of the Finest. Not even a bad cold.

Lili & Susie vs BWO
I love You're not alone but I was prepared for failure. Some Swedes just don't like that Alexander Bard speaks his mind and was, I guess, fed up with him and seeing BWO in the final every year. Shame. Show me heaven is a real stomper and people felt nostalgic but I thought the sisters had a bit too much fun on stage and forgot to sing in tune. It WAS a bit shouty.

Amy Diamond vs Star pilots
This duel was not exciting at all as I didn't care. Amy wasn't on top for some reason and Star pilots has a very effective chorus. Plus they were still in people's memory from last Saturday. But Becker was more screaming than singing in my opinion.

Rigo vs Caroline af Ugglas
I got u is fun while the song is on and it will no doubt become a hit on radio but I'm glad people realised that they will grow tired of the repetitive yoyoyoyoyoyooo and instead favoured the genuin and odd Snälla, snälla.

In the second round where SDF and L&S battled I weren't 100 percent sure but had my suspicions. Had L&S won then SDF had still got through with help of the international jury for sure. Now she got there without their help.

Between Carro and the pilots my hopes where sky high but underneath I was shaking. But I didn't have to worry as my fellow Swedes took to their senses and rewarded the best song and performance.

The International jury chose Sofia and her Alla to become the 11th entry in the final. With Sarah and Caroline already there the choice was just between Sofia and Amy.


oskyldig said...

Frankly it was quite seeable, but I was shocked about some things. It really should have gone Caroline and Star Pilots through, and the International Jury save Sarah. That would have resulted in all of the best songs in the final, without a doubt!

Ross said...

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