Love love love la voix is moving on higher

Last night the result in MF semi 4 went like this:
Agnes - Love love love
Malena Ernman - La voix
Andra Chansen
Sarah Dawn Finer - Moving on
Star pilots - Higher
5. Thorleifs - Sweet kissin' in the moonlight
6. Next 3 - Esta noche
7. Sahlene/Haukaas - Killing me tenderly
8. Susanne Alfvgren - Du är älskad där du går

Was that the evening of the "skrälls" or what?!

- Sarah will meet Scotts in Andra Chansen next week while Star pilots will go up against Amy Diamond. I have a feeling they will both come out winners in those duels. But that does not mean that they are safe. Sarah will then meet either Lili & Susie or BWO. The pilots will meet either Rigo or Caroline af Ugglas. I sincerely hope it will be Caroline and that she will move on to Globen. I'm torn between Sarah and BWO as I'd love to have them both in the final.

- The international jury picked Moving on. Thank heavens for that! Even though I wouldn't have minded Killing me tenderly either. In previous weeks the jury has also picked Snälla snälla, It's my life and Alla.

- Petra Mede goes from strength to strength. She was great chatting in the greenroom and before and after the duels. Specially with the breast-and-voice-women. Did you see how resolute Fredrik Kempe looked when he came on stage to hug Malena and Sarah? He wrote both songs and probably felt like he couldn't be overly happy for just one of them. Also loved the "commercial spot" for Absolute Bortglömd. Hillarious! :)

- Agnes was ace! She looked gorgeous in her golden catsuit and her big hair. The whole number looked very professional and the song itself stood out in a very good way. Right choice to send her straight to Globen. I voted for her in the duel.

- On the other hand were Star pilots not the least fun to watch. The camera work lowered the act for me even more. But the song is pretty good and will get lots of airplay from now on.

- Susanne did her thing and was rather good at it but the song was too plain in its full 3 minutes. People forgot about it when it was time to vote or found other entries they liked better.

- I am still immensely annoyed and disappointed over the fact that people didn't get what a fabulous song Anna Sahlene and Maria Haukaas Storeng performed. Almost last? What a cruel joke! I voted and will love Killing me tenderly forever.

- I was afraid Thorleifs would go to Globen so thank you for not rewarding them higher than 5th. That was high enough after seeing their poor performance. If I thought the song had a little something based on the snippet then all fell apart when I heard the whole song and saw the dansband on stage.

- Sarah's voice is beautiful and her presence on stage is magical. The number looked wonderful and the song was lovely from the start. Why oh why wasn't she the winner in the last duel? Maybe people need to hear it more than once to understand. That's why I am confident that she'll walk it in Andra Chansen.

- More people voted for Next 3 than Sahlene/Haukaas. The scenario is like a nightmare to me. The chorus is ok but the rest... Am I getting old or what's the deal here?

- Malena Ernman's song grew a lot on me after hearing the whole song and seeing her on stage. It is still not my favourite and I hate the fact that it won over Moving on but it was probably my 4th favourite after seeing and hearing all entries last night.