MF 2009 Running order

The running order in Globen has been decided. Who gets your vote on Saturday? Vote in the poll on the left side and comment below.

1. Måns Zelmerlöw - "Hope & Glory"

2. Caroline af Ugglas - "Snälla, snälla"

3. Agnes - "Love Love Love"

4. H.E.A.T - "1000 Miles"

5. Emilia - "You're My World"

6. Alcazar - "Stay The Night"

7. Sarah Dawn Finer - "Moving On"

8. EMD - "Baby, Goodbye"

9. Sofia - "Alla"

10. Molly Sandén - "Så vill stjärnorna"

11. Malena Ernman - "La Voix"

Looks like SVT has made up their minds about what songs they want to see fight it off in the top. Statistically starting position number 1, 6, 7 and the last one (here 11 instead of 10) are the ones they put the songs with the biggest potential.

That leaves Caroline af Ugglas with number 2 - the worst spot of them all. How cowardly of Björkman to do that. But if anybody is going to re-write history it is Ugglas. Fingers crossed. And I am basically just happy that Caroline will sing "Snälla, snälla" live to me in a crowded Globen Friday night during the dress rehearsal. It will be pure magic in the air!

Listening to all entries one after another like this make me realise what a strong line up we have. Still I would have preferred a few adjustments if I were in charge. Posh's dream 10 (or 11 rather) will be presented later during the week.

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