Early bird Albania

Albania kicked off the Eurovision season already back in the last decade as they always choose entry in December. That leaves them lots of time to produce the track so it will be tip top for Eurovision. Remember "The image of you" back in 2004 that nobody believed in until they saw and heard the final arrangement. And by all means their entry last year "Carry me in your dreams" that improved a great deal despite the green phantom and the two dwarfs on stage...

Albania is represented by Juliana Pasha in 2010 with the song "Nuk mundem pa ty" and I say they have a good start there. This sounds ok already from the beginning so good job! I have no idea if they'll switch language for English in May as they usually do but it won't be necessary if you ask me. The chorus has a feel of French in it for all of us who neither speak Albanian nor French and it works. What do you think?

Albania 2010. "Nuk mundem pa ty".

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