Estonia is in

After much discussion, and against the will of some important people at ERR, Estonia will take part in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. A good decision.

A multitude of half-hearted reasons to drop out have been cited, one less serious-sounding than the other. Estonia should show sympathy with Georgia, was one. Estonia fears that Russia will turn Eurovision into a propaganda machine was another.

Of course taking part is the only way to go. Estonia is too small a country to be able to afford missing out international exposure like the ESC. The best statement one can make is to be present.

Now is the question, who wants to pick up the task of representing the Estonian tricolor in Moscow after the ERR tainted the whole thing with so much politics?

My answer now, as always, is: Anne Veski. She is a grand old lady of Estonian pop, a real icon with real talent, and also very popular and appreciated in Russia. If anyone can be a gracious ambassadress in Moscow, it is her.

Anne Veski - Прости за любовь

Anne Veski - Электричка

Anne Veski & Rolf Junior - Sa oled liga noor


eurofivestar said...

Hahaha. You whinge about the Dutch sending some old has-beens, and then you suggest the very same thing for Eesti!! Pfffft!

Tobias said...

Anne Veski is in NO way a has-been, sir... :P

eurofivestar said...

Well, even though I hate to admit it.. neither are the Toppers. That doesn't mean they are good though...

Tobias said...

No. But Anne Veski rocks. For real. Trust me, for this once... :)